Monday, January 31, 2011

Packing break

 So, the main point of this blog is for me to have a journal for my trip to Spain. It's silly, because I totally have a Livejournal I could use this for, but my username is silly and old, and now unfortunately related to Twilight. Also, I've had my LJ since I was thirteen, and good lord, there are things on there that the general populace just does not need to know about.

So, some background on Spain, which, thus far has not been...easy sailing, shall we say. First, when applying to study abroad, I messed up what I had to get done by the due date, and promptly had to scramble/plead/cry to get an exception for me. Luckily, my profe, my parents, and the study abroad office are awesome, and I managed to get accepted to both Hollins and Center for Cross-Cultural Study's program.

Secondly comes my visa woes. Every single piece of information online warns students to get your visa in advance, at least seven weeks, FOR GOD'S SAKE, FOOLISH STUDENT, BEWARE OF PUTTING OFF YOUR VISA >>>>(

So, obviously, with all those warnings, I promptly put it off until, oh, let's see, four weeks before my flight was supposed to leave. Yeah. I'm one of those kids. And although they told me it'd be ready by the 25th, during J-Term I spent a lot of time having this exchange:

Person I'm talking to: So, when are you going to Spain?
Me: Um, hopefully, February 2nd.
Person: Hopefully?
Me: Yeaaaaah, let's talk about how I'm a horrible procrastinator who procrastinates....

(Things got a even more stressful when I got my first speeding ticket ever, and the court date was scheduled the day before I leave, i.e. tomorrow. Unhelpful courthouse clerk is unhelpful about moving the date, so we're holding out for the judge to push my court date until the summer, but whatever, back to visa woes)

Also, dear readers, there is a very important thing to know about the Spanish Embassy in D.C. In person, they are friendly, competent, and brisk--oh holy crap are they brisk--people. I'd like to be able to tell you how they are on the phone, however, the people that run the Spanish embassy apparently do not believe in the telephone. The embassy's phone line is what I imagine purgatory is like: ENDLESS AND FRUSTRATING. :(

After not hearing from the embassy on the 25th, my mother and I finally got the time to go down there today. At this point, I'm really not expecting for it to be there, and am wondering how I'm going to just pop back to Hollins, all nvm guys, just kidding! :D :D :| :(

So imagine our surprise when the (again, very brisk!) clerk at the embassy is, like, "Your visa? ID? Here it is, have a nice day."

:D :D :D :D My luck, sometimes, I don't think I deserve it.

Though, you know, the problem with taking away the panic of my visa, allows for the panic of GOOD GOD WOMAN, YOUR CRAP SPANISH. DDDDDD: to fill it's place.

Like this, only, you know, less disco and more hysteria. 

Anyway, I'm in the process of packing all the stuff I've been avoiding in fear I'd just have to unpack it again. SO MUCH STUFF. SO LITTLE ROOM. SO LITTLE TIME.

In conclusion, my poor track record with putting things off would lead you to believe I would learn my lesson, but lo, unto you dear readers I say: YOU'D BE WRONG, as I am doing it  *right now*.


Coming Soon...