Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Foggy mornings in Sevilla make for cold days in Sevilla.

First, to my great disgust, it appears Meryl Streep, whom I love, is playing Margaret Thatcher in a film. For those of you who are American/have no clue what this means, Margaret Thatcher is basically the female version of Dick Cheney to Britain. Pretty much the whole of Britain, and especially Scotland, feel like this when it comes to her:
Shit is about to get real, yo. 

I mean, it's Meryl Streep, so I'm sure she'll do a phenomenal job, but I'm worried that the film is going to gloss over the fact that Thatcher may actually be a heartless robot programed to frighten children and eat kittens, or I don't know, something horrifyingly evil.

Immense Streep dismay aside, it is a cold day in Sevilla. It's foggy, chilly, and generally blegh. Walking over the bridge today, the whole of the main city was invisible due to the fog. Of course, this is the day that I decide not to wear my peacoat, due to how it's been hot in the afternoons. It's a good thing that I layer and all that.

Speaking of layering, I am probably the least fashionable person in the program. I don't mind it though- I'm comfortable, and getting myself dolled up for one class takes entirely too much effort.

Sevilla continues to be absolutely charming, though, and I really have no complaints. Well, okay, that's a lie, I have two and they are both blisters on my heels. However, I am myself to blame for those and not Sevilla, so they don't really count.

As for my language, I feel that everyday my comprehension gets a little better. I'm feeling a little braver when it comes to going into shops, etc. Small victories for the win!

Although, my habit of being a home body is starting to worry Carmen, I think. She keeps asking me if I'm going out at night, and I keep saying, No, Señora. Part of it is how tired I am all the time, and now I've got homework on top of that. Ah well. Maybe on the weekend I'll go out to appease her, and see what it's like at the bars, etc.

In conclusion, small victories, cafe con leche is goddamn delicious, and Panic! At The Disco has a new music video out.

I may or may not be kind of overly enthusiastic about posting .gifs, ngl. 


  1. Everyone in Japan - especially college students - has the best fashion sense. I'm afraid of what'll happen when I go over there in jeans and t-shirt/hoodie combos. I'm also afraid of the money I'll spend just to look super cute too xD

  2. Oh, man, everybody in Spain is so classy looking, especially the kids. They all match! Siblings are dressed in corresponding outfits, and they all look perfect, constantly. It's the land of well-groomed children.

    Yeah, I'm really trying to spend my money wisely. I'll get some clothes eventually, but I'm really not looking forward to trying to find things that fit me honestly. >.>

  3. Also, I'm totally creeping around your followers. I saw some chick going to Japan and I commented on her post. Is that really weird...? Meh, I don't care.

    <3 hope you're having fun. I check your blog every day.