Friday, February 11, 2011

Ruinas de Italíca, and international keyboards

Some background information before I jump into this:

I'm currently in the intensive period part of my program, which means that for two or three weeks (I can't remember which, and frankly, I don't care enough to go look) I only have two classes to worry about. One is every day, at an early nine am, and the other is only on Mondays at six pm. My daily class is my grammar class, and it's divided into two parts- the first, 9-11, and the rest, 11:30-12:45. We have a small, half-hour break to go and get a coffee, check our mail, scrounge for food, etc. 

My Monday class is, well, it's sort of irrelevant to this post, but it's Cultural Realities of Spain, if enquiring minds want to know. 

Anyway, the class that is most important is my every day class, mostly's every day...yeah. With the information in hand, let's move on to more interesting things. Interesting things like...

Ruins. Everybody likes ruins! Except for people who are particularly boorish or uncultured, and to them I say, "You're entitled to your opinion, I guess, but for the record it blows, sir/madam."

Anyway, yesterday, we only had the first part of class, before we were divided into groups and sent to different locations. My group went to the Ruinas de Italíca, which are the ruins a smaller Roman town. It's like, 25 minutes away from the main city by bus, and really gorgeous. We went on a pretty spectacular day for it. 

Oh, oops, ok, I saw totally going to do this in one sitting, but I actually have to go get ready to go- tapas and movie tonight, maybe even a flamenco bar. We'll see. Update later. 

¡Hasta luego! 


Okay, so tapas were a bust, but movie was a good as I remembered. After the movie, everyone who watched it went to Valor, which is an amazing chocolate place. We got churros with hot chocolate to dip them in.

Just as delicious as you think it is. 

Anyway, RUINS. There was  huge theater/stadium, where there were plays and gladiator events, and a small city. The floors of the houses were still pretty intact, and the mosaics were gorgeous. I have photos up on Facebook, and eventually I'll get them over here. My group had Philip and Stephanie in it, and they're really nice, so I hung out with them for the most part. 

So, yeah. I feel my confidence level boosting a little from the free fall it took when I first got here, which is nice. I'm a little more confident speaking in class, though I've developed a habit of wringing the end of my braid when I get called on. *shrug* 

I don't know if I'm going to go out tonight- I might, if Dharma texts me the location of a flamenco bar she may be going to. My phone's been a tad retarded lately when it comes to texts, so I really have no idea if I'll even get a text if she sends one. Ah well. I have the whole weekend. 

Buenas noches, readers,

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