Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday in Sevilla

Today is gorgeous, sunny and 63 degrees. Dharma (who went out last night) and I (who did not, but I fear maybe suffering from the vestiges of jetlag) slept in till noon, then went out for coffee at the Cerveceria 100  Montaditos, which is a great place. They serve a hundred different types of little sandwiches that range from 1-2.5 euros, and you can get coffee or beer. It's pretty neat.

Dharma and I met up with another girl from her school, Molly, and Jean, who's Molly's roommate, and a member of my CC-CS group. It was nice to sit and talk for a while.

Yesterday was interesting, though. Got up later than I probably should have, confidant that, since I had managed to make my way to CC-CS without a map, I would be okay to find a new place with one...alas, I was wrong. Managed to take a wrong street, and missed the bus tour that we were supposed to go on. It was cool, though, because a bunch of us missed it, so we all hung out and walked around the center of this city for a while.

I ended up walking a bit further than I expected to, which meant a long walk back to the house. Oh well.

Anyway, after the walk, I ate lunch and ended up passing out for four hours. >. > Not an exceedingly eventful day.

So, in lieu of interesting update, have a picture of the orange tree outside my bedroom window.

So pretty. However, not encouraged to actually eat due to sourness. Ah well. 

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