Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Por and Para would be my "Khan" if they fit nicely into a dramatic shout. Alas, too many syllables.

Not all that much to report, which I suppose can be both a good and bad thing. XD 

I got my first grade back in my grammar class, on a 200 word composition. Got a 89%, which isn't awesome, but is okay. Messed up on por and para, see above for this entry.Took a quiz today that I feel pretty confident about. The only part I think I may have messed up on is giving directions, which...well, I fail at in my native language, so I don't see how that was going to improve. 

Anyway, *finally* going out with people tonight. Like, to an actual bar. Cue dancing penguin:

IRL Happy Feet is so cute. 
Had a minor moment of clothing roadblock, but both Mom and Amy helped make a pretty obvious decision. Yay for mothers and friends. <3

Right, okay, have to do my homework before dinner so that it...gets done at all. >.>


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