Friday, February 4, 2011

Now that that's over for the time being...

The down low on what's happened so far. I was going to just write it out, but I figure it'll be better to separate it by day.


 Dad and I drove up to JFK for my flight to Madrid. We were early for check in, which didn't open until 2:30, so we hung out in line, I got coffee for us, all was well. After checking in, we said our farewells, and I got going through security. There, I met several other girls from the program (whose names are going to have to wait until I learn them all...There was Lizzie, Karen, Kate, Abby...and that's all for now).

The flight from JFK to Madrid was long, sleepless, and hot, for some bizarre reason. I couldn't sleep because of how frickin' warm it was on the plane. It wasn't too bad, though, not nearly as bad as the hellish nine hour flight back from Hawaii. I reread Game of Thrones, which was good. I'm not sure where Anne is, but if she hasn't started the next one yet, we're at the same place. I can't remember if A Storm of Swords or A Clash of Kings is next. Pretty sure it's SoS, but I digress.

Madrid's airport is huge. BWI is tiny compared to it. Once off our JFK flight, we wove our way around the terminal, up and down floors, and through security again to get to our connection. I don't know if I could have done it by myself, which makes me so grateful for the other CC-CS people that I'd buddied up with.


After landing in Sevilla, we got moving and promptly...waited until the bus came, roughly three hours later. Which felt long at the time but now doesn't seem so bad. After the bus came, we put out luggage on a truck, hopped on the bus, and made for the hotel in the city.

The hotel was really nice, but has an unusual way of lighting- the lights don't work unless you keep your keycard in a slot about the light switches, which...took some time, and maybe some assistance to figure out. My roommate for the hotel was actually a very nice girl I met at JFK whose flight was at a later time. She didn't arrive until late, I had the room to myself for a while.

After a short break, we made our way to the cafeteria for lunch (beefy mac and french fries?) and then were again left to our own devices until we had an intro meeting and then dinner.

After dinner, I took wonderfully long shower, shaved my gorilla legs, and then headed to bed.


Up at a glaring (and by glaring I mean pitch black seven am) for breakfast and then for a walking tour around Sevilla, to the Center. It's a gorgeous city, guys, absolutely stunning. Our tour guide/ Professor-at-the-Center Luis, was awesome.

Then, we took a placement test. And, oh man, do I never want to see the results of that test. I kind of want to send the people grading an apology note and maybe a fruit basket. D:

After the test, we made our way back the hotel, grabbed our bags, and headed off to our home stays. I ended up sharing a cab with a guy named Paul, who is my favourite right now, because he is awesome and sweet and totally saved me in the cab. I was dropped off first, and pushed some buttons until I found Carmen's apartment.


Carmen is awesome. I don't think she thought I was going to be this crap at Spanish, but she's taken it in stride. She also is really confused why I study religion but also want to be a lawyer. She gave me some pretty weird looks, but she's very nice. Her mother lives with her as well, and she's nice as well, although very, very deaf.

My roommates are Dharma and Ryan. Dharma I haven't really interacted with so much, since she's sick and is in bed, but I ate lunch with Ryan, and he seems really nice. He helped me with translating when things got a little spotty.

So, to sum it up before I have to run.

Oh, hey, Spanish is harder than I thought, also why have I not memorized all of my verb conjugations, WAAAAAAI, also, woman VOCAAAAAAAAB.

In conclusion



  1. Hi Morgan! Get use to the lighting situation, peculiarities are normal for us Americans who are not use to conserving =D I know you are going to have a blast. I recall, fondly, my semester abroad and those feeling of excitement and nervousness at my arrival in Athens. I will now be living vicariously through you and your blog =)
    Well, except I don't know a lick of Spanish (amazing considering I grew up in Florida)

    Have fun!

  2. Verb conjugations always whooped my @ss :-P But that's also because I'm crap at foreign languages in general - so, one up on me there! ;-)

    I am so excited for you! Like, seriously, I got such a thrill reading this. Seconding the motion of living vicariously through this blog, seeing as how London and Canada are my only out-of-country experiences.

    I can't wait for all the crazy antics and adventures I know are coming. I miss you so much!

    Love Always,